Client: Each year, over 100.000 people in the Netherlands get cancer. From every person in our country, 1 on 3 gets cancer sooner or later. A lot of cancer patients cope with loss of condition, fatigue, fear, pain, and uncertainty.

Tegenkracht foundation is a small, but growing non-profit organization founded in 2005. Their goal is to stimulate people with cancer to have an active lifestyle, even directly after diagnosis.

With two part-time employees spending 1.6 fte in total, Tegenkracht foundation is a small organization. Apart from these employees, the board consists of volunteers for additional support. Informed Consulting supports Tegenkracht with free services out of goodwill. Tegenkracht is a wonderful organization and Informed Consulting loves to help, especially for a good cause.

Challenges: Patients supported by Tegenkracht go through a rough time. That is why a personal touch is important and mistakes cannot be made. Because Tegenkracht foundation does not have many employees, an important requirement is that tasks can easily be reassigned to other people. By reassigning tasks, the risk of miscommunication increases. It’s very important that efficiency and the personal touch are not negatively affected.

On a financial level, Tegenkracht foundation depends on donations. Often these donations are incidental. Because of that, costs have to be as low and variable as possible, just like in other small organisations. For a small organisation like Tegenkracht, it would not be possible to combine the functionality of high end platforms as licensing and operational costs would be too expensive.

Solution: To keep costs low, and at the same time offer a lot of functionalities, the choice to use a cloud solution was quickly made. With Office 365, Tegenkracht foundation has all the tools a small organization needs to support their core business process. Tegenkracht mainly uses the SharePoint and Outlook functionality of the Office 365 package. Processes are optimized with out-of-the-box Designer Workflows, which can be started manually. Tegenkracht chooses to send all emails from the workflows to themselves first, to perform a last check and add that personal touch.

All automated actions are logged. In the log list, manual logging is also an option. Combined with aggregation features, employees can always see exactly what is going on with a specific participant. This opens up the possibility to reassign tasks without any mistakes. Furthermore, it is a great feature for auditing purposes.

All declarations by participants and payments are tracked in SharePoint Online as well. This way, employees handling daily activities, and the paymaster always have the same current information at their disposal.

By applying best-in-class configuration, small organizations can truly profit from a platform like Office 365. Especially the combination of out-of-the-box SharePoint Online and SharePoint Designer workflows is key for Tegenkracht to standardize and partially automate communication and finances; it brings efficiency and stability in key processes.

Small organizations can cut on IT costs by using Office 365 for finances. Through good configuration, a lot can be achieved and organizations will gain a tailored platform meeting their needs perfectly, instead of an expensive one-to-many platform, which lacks a lot of needed options and offers a lot of options they don’t use.

Aggregation from data offers the possibility for users to quickly find all information about one patient. That is why Tegenkracht employees have the time to generate new funding for their foundation and let the organization grow.

Tegenkracht foundation told us:

Since working with the new applications, Tegenkracht is able to process more cancer patients without expanding their office, the work flows mean much more efficiency. The next goals are implementing a financial system and a CRM system. Peter Smeets, Chairman Tegenkracht foundation

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