The Life Sciences industry is spending large amounts of money on research in pursuit of new cures for current and future diseases. There is also a substantial amount spend on quality and living up against the ever-changing regulations. Spending money wisely is thus key and is a common theme in this industry.
Reducing cost can come in many ways but the Life Sciences industry – represented by the Drug Information Association – realized that it can also come by joining forces on non-competitive business processes. One of these is how documentation is managed. After all, they – from 2-men start-ups to billion dollar enterprises – face the same rules and regulations when it comes to documenting research, trials, submissions etc. Back in 2009 the DIA agreed to develop a flexible, open, free and sustainable model for the industry, from the industry and by the industry. Today we can benefit from their EDM and eTMF Reference Models that have resulted from this initiative.

We probably all know the Chinese Whisper Game in which one person whispers a message to another and so on through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group. Although the objective is to pass around the message without it becoming misheard and altered along the way, part of the fun is that, regardless, this usually ends up happening.

If there would be industry where this loss of information is an intrinsic risk of their business, it would be Energy & Engineering. And when it does, it isn’t part of the fun at all. Most likely it is the start of money being spent to fix errors and compensate customers and partners.

“Within Government the days of (paper-based) disconnected processes that lack customer insight and transparency are long gone now that relevant technology has become mainstream.” Unfortunately, this isn’t an actual quote yet. Fact is that governmental organizations are rapidly moving towards new ways of working to better support their processes and service their customers. Case Management has become a common theme in this fresh wind that is blowing through both central and local governmental organizations. Be it building permits, public participation, social benefits or other topics, when it comes to rapid and effective solutions to facilitate this new way of working, Documentum xCP is a key component. A grand example of a composition platform that excels in configurable, almost no code, solutions with superb user experience possibilities.