EMC Documentum D2 a modern and configurable ECM user experience

ESSENTIALS Productivity:

 - Simplify and personalize content management
 - Streamline collaboration Intelligence • Automate control • Ensure complaince Agility
 - Configure, don't code
 - Validate and deploy quickly 

With technology investments under close scrutiny, you need to ensure that your Enterprise Content Management systems can quickly deliver significant value. Yet many ECM deployments suffer from long and costly deployment cycles and poor usability. Users end up resorting to non-compliant workarounds that force critical content assets "into the wild", increasing workloads and elevating cost and risk. User acceptance and the ability to rapidly deploy changes are therefore critical to the success of your ECM initiatives. Documentum D2 is the advanced, configurable content-centric application client for Documentum ECM. D2 offers a highly intuitive and personalizable user experience that makes knowledge workers more productive, reduces training costs, and accelerates user adoption of ECM applications. Automated document control ensures compliance with content governance policies. And powerful configuration eliminates the need for custom code, yielding rapid deployment and dramatically lower costs for system maintenance.

Documentum D2 takes the complexity out of ECM with a powerful configuration framework for creating purpose-built content solutions without the need for time-consuming customizations. This unique approach enables organizations to respond more rapidly to changing business needs and accelerate time-to-value for ECM deployments.

Using a familiar spreadsheet-like interface, business analysts can quickly configure an application by setting the properties that control document sets, creation rules, dynamic security models, distribution lists, document lifecycles, inheritance, auto naming, auto-linking, and more. A single configuration matrix can address a wide range of content-centric solution needs—ranging from business-critical to non-controlled content—all without custom code.

Configuration empowers both business analysts and systems administrators to change applications without having to engage specialized developers or wait for long development cycles. Changes to the configuration are experienced immediately in the application for rapid response to shifting requirements. During solution definition, this instant feedback directly involves users and helps to ensure that requirements are accurately captured.

Documentum D2 makes ECM effortless by delivering a modern and intuitive user experience that is personalized for Documentum repository users when accessing their enterprise content. The flexible widget-based user interface drives increased user adoption and reduces training costs, while simplified access to content makes knowledge work far more productive.
Key components of the user interface include:
     • Widgets: Enable modular layout and implement the content viewing, document management, and workflow capabilities of the product. Widgets are available out of the box for most content    management requirements, including repository browsing, property sheets, document lists, search, workflow, collaboration, etc.
     • External Widgets: Extend the user interface with additional widgets based on the Google Gadgets framework. External widgets can be added to any workspace to provide access to external content and applications, such as maps, weather, social media accounts, calculators, calendars, etc. Bidirectional communication allows external widgets to interact with other widgets and controls in the D2 UI.
     • Workspaces: Provide the containers for widgets, allowing flexible layout options for different applications and user preferences. Multiple workspaces can be open simultaneously. Mashups of internal and external content can be achieved by mixing and matching widgets in a workspace.
     • Themes: Define consistent appearance for the user interface with colour settings for headers, tabs, widgets, and backgrounds.
     • Custom Menus: Further extend the user interface with custom menus. Menus can invoke JavaScript actions or Java classes

D2's configuration goes beyond the user interface to define business rules and content policies for a broad range of information management needs. Use D2 for a variety of content-centric applications, such as tracking documents through review and approval workflows, quickly finding content through search and navigation with dynamic security filters, and managing controlled documents in regulated industries such as Life Sciences. Integration with Syncplicity and Documentum Information Rights Management (IRM) allows content to be securely shared with external parties and mobile workers.

Common policies can be defined globally to ensure consistency across applications, while individual business units can autonomously manage the configurations that apply just to them. New applications can be quickly introduced, as only the differences to the global rule set need to be validated. And as rules change, D2's configuration can be quickly updated and instantly deployed. No lengthier delays while application changes are coded and tested. Configuration changes are reflected immediately in the user interface and application behaviour

D2 is the new face of Documentum, combining the power of Documentum's market leading ECM platform with a modern and intuitive user experience. With its powerful configuration capability, D2 enables changes to be made on the fly to minimize deployment time and increase the speed at which ECM brings value to your business. And with a simplified implementation of ECM best practices and a significant advance in usability, D2 can accommodate the policies and standards required by your organization along with the preferences and individual working styles of different users.

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