SENATE Organizer, SENATE Minutes and SENATE Reader are three new apps on the LEAP Platform.

The three SENATE apps provide role-based support for formal and board-level meetings. Organize a meeting by setting up the agenda, adding attendees and attachments. Record the decisions and provide read-access to the meeting information. And of course, share the information based on permissions and information classification.

SENATE apps are available on the LEAP platform and as such, you can work on these meetings anytime anyplace. Spot-on for the current demand in a world that has dropped physical boundaries as well as 9-to-5 work ethos.

Apps that run where work is done

senate screensWith SENATE you are able to support your board and (executive) committees with their formal meetings. Members in these meetings already have a heavy workload and don’t want time and place to be an obstacle in the preparation for these meetings. They need apps that run where work is done. In the office, at home, regardless where.

The SENATE apps also adapt to the device of choice. Even on a tablet, the user has the best user experience that fits the role and function.

Generic Object Model

SENATE is built on a generic object model to support all kinds of meetings. Attendees in various roles can be connected to meetings as a whole, as well as individual items. Even the odd case to be excluded from a single item, is supported.

Each meeting has an agenda that consists of agenda sections with items. This allows you to group related items together.

And of course, you are able to capture your decisions on each agenda item.

The Functions of the SENATE apps

The functions of SENATE Organizer:

  • Create and maintain a meeting for a certain date and location
  • Add and maintain attendees for the full meeting
  • Add and maintain attendees for specific agenda items only
  • Divide a meeting agenda into sections
  • Add content/information to the agenda items
  • Manage the state of a meeting (draft, for review, approved)

The functions of SENATE Reader:

  • View the meetings you need to attend or have attended
  • View the agenda, its sections and items you will be part of
  • View the content/information of agenda items
  • View decisions and minutes of the meeting and agenda items

The functions of SENATE Minutes:

  • Open and close a meeting
  • Add and maintain minutes to the agenda items
  • Add and maintain attendees for specific agenda items only
  • Record the decision taken on each agenda item

Historic perspective

Jeroen Jansen announces Senate @ Momentum 2016 in BarcelonaEnterprise Content Management has matured over the years and reached a point where the document management platforms have become feature complete. ECM solutions have moved into (industry specific) solutions. New domains like case management have seen daylight to support more generic business problems. All has been done from the perspective of the Enterprise with enterprise control and regulations in mind.

In the meantime, our world has changed dramatically over the past 8 years, with the rise of smartphones and always being connected. Today we expect that wherever we go whenever we want, we are able to use our smartphone and read email, chat, connect through apps like Facebook and LinkedIn and use many single-purpose apps to do whatever is needed. If a major event happens we all turn to Twitter to get first hand updates from the scene. New changes are dawning. It is a matter of time before our fridge will send a message that you’re running out of milk and your lettuce is going bad. It isn’t strange to imagine that one day groceries are delivered based on your regular consumption and the stock figures from fridges and freezers at a subscription basis.

For ECM this means that time has come to re-connect the people to the enterprise. Current and future ‘new kids on the block’ expect the enterprise to work as what has become natural to them. LEAP is the platform that makes these next generation solutions possible. Like on your smartphone, the focus for each app is on perfection of the provided functions and a loose coupling with other apps that provides additional functions. Together they provide an eco-system where smart apps deliver the business users with in-context means to do their work proactively. With SENATE you have that for all the meetings you participate in.

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